The Journey Begins…

This is day one of a long journey for me.  In starting this blog I hope to accomplish a number of things.  The first thing is to have a place to record my daily “stuff”.  In September I will be starting a whole new life as a student of divinity, and already I am bursting with revelations and insights that I can hardly contain.  My calling has been loud and clear, and on a minute by minute basis the Spirit is loading me up with materials to study, thoughts to contemplate, and duties to fulfill.  The second thing is to make a record for myself of where I have been and where I am going.  I prayed for transformation, and it is happening so quickly that most of the time I am not sure who I am anymore.  I try to offer my thoughts on things only to find out that the next day I have new thoughts that seem to contradict the thoughts of the day before.  It is a wild ride.  I am sharing this with anyone who wants to read it, but it is mostly for myself…Please don’t offer comments with the intention of attacking my thoughts.  What I think today may not be what I think tomorrow, and may sound like lunacy, but they are still my thoughts and I am entitled to them.  If anyone wishes to offer their insights on the other hand, I would gladly welcome that…the biggest revelation of my journey so far has been about the importance of relationships and our interconnectedness.  Peace be with you!


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