Savor the Spirit

I have felt so very close to the spirit all day today.  I woke up with that feeling and just lay in bed for a while enjoying it.  I would have never realized that a connection with the spirit could be so…almost sensual.  I hope like hell that this is not just like a honey-moon phase in a new relationship.  I have given myself to the spirit mind, body and soul.  For me, there is no going back…

After much running around, and then church, I went to the river to just sit and listen to the water.  Our lectionary this week is about Jesus showing up at Mary and Martha’s place.  Apparently Martha is Martha Stewart because all she cares about is running around fussing over meal preparations etc.  Mary prefers to visit with Jesus and savor the opportunity that she has been presented with.    I can identify with that…I would have just called Domino’s and spent my time with my guest.  Martha gets a bit peevish at one point because she is running around doing all the work while Mary just sits there on her fat butt.  I don’t know if her butt was fat or not; I just thought that a peevish woman might be thinking that…Apparently Martha makes some catty remark and Jesus brings her back down to earth in a loving, but insightful way.  He points out that she needs to take advantage of her time with him and just simmer down a bit.

I think my time at the river was mostly about taking advantage of my feelings of closeness with the Spirit today.  The intense connection that I am enjoying today needed to be taken advantage of.  As everyone knows, things change on a minute by minute basis…and it is easy to feel out of touch.  Hopefully, by savoring my time today I can bring it back to memory when I am feeling out of touch…I am so grateful…

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