Domus Galilaeae

The project which is actually a seminary is situated above the Sanctuary of Beatitudes, towards the top of the mountain known as the Beatitudes. It is directly in front of Lake Tiberias, above Tabgha, the place of the first multiplication of the bread, and Capernaum.

We spent a great deal of time here and it was unbelievably serene and beautiful.  I think for that reason my mind shut down and I was no longer able to absorb what was being said.  We had reached our last destination for the day and we were exhausted.  So rather than worry about it, I chose to just experience the peace and the beauty.  There is not much that can be said about a place like this so I will just let you experience it through my photos.

Click on the album cover to proceed:

Domus Galilaeae

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