The People of the Holy Land

I have created a special album for the people of the Holy Land because at the end of the day, humans are what this whole thing is about.  The Holy Land represents the origins of faith for many, but it is more than that…it represents our origins as human beings.  I saw so many wonderful people and I tried to capture them going about their business and being themselves.  I think that when we are not “on” we are at our best.  When we believe that no one is watching, and that for the moment – no one cares what we do, we are the most beautiful.  It is when we think we are being watched that suddenly we are trying to live up to imagined expectations and present the face that we think others want to see.  I like the real face, and in the Holy Land, the real face becomes even more real.  Whether the person lives there or is just another pilgrim like myself, there is something special about the place that puts a special aura around us.  I hope that you can see it too in these photos.

The People of the Holy Land

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