Mt. of Olives Graveyard

The Mount of Olives in Jewish tradition is the site from which the Redemption of the Dead will begin in the end of days. This is one of the reasons why Jews have always wanted to be buried in Jerusalem, and particularly on the Mount of Olives.  Many famous graves are located there, but unfortunately there has been a persistent problem of graves being desecrated throughout the ages as well.  A Jewish traveler who visited at the end of the twelfth century reported that during the Crusader period when Jews were once again forbidden to live in Jerusalem, many Crusader homes were built using stolen tombstones!  The problem has persisted, yet the Mount of Olives is still the preferred burial site for Jews.  Today there are an estimated 150,000 gravesites there.

Click on the album cover for photos:

Mt. of Olives Graveyard

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