Walking Down the Mount of Olives

Prophecy said that the Messiah would enter Jerusalem riding on a white donkey (Zechariah 9:9)…  Our descent from the Mount of Olives graveyard was not made by tour bus but rather we walked down the same path that Jesus used to make his way down on Palm Sunday.  We ended at the Gate to the Garden of Gethsemane.  I don’t have many photos of this walk because at the moment it seemed more important to focus on my experience of the experience.  Also, the descent was very steep and my knees were not holding up very well.  Nevertheless, I was very much in the present moment as I made my way down.  I tried hard to reflect on Jesus making this very same journey and what must have been going through his mind as he was on his way to meet his destiny.  Knowing the mind of Jesus was impossible for me, but what I knew for myself was that I was so incredibly privileged to be making the journey.  There are so many people who wish to be able to make such a pilgrimage; and there are a lot who do; but there are far more who never get the chance.  I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I was able to be there in that time and space and I know that I expressed my thanks to God many times over.

As we made our way down we encountered a man with a white donkey.  I thought to myself “what are the odds of that happening…”, but later as I was doing some research on the internet I came across a picture taken by someone else of the very same man and donkey!  I guess the odds were pretty good after all.  We also encountered a man on crutches who was asking for money and of course we gave him what we had.  I imagine that guy has a pretty good gig going there reaching out to pilgrims who are walking in the footsteps of Jesus.  But Jesus said that when someone asks for something we should give it to them.  He did not say that we should run background checks and pull credit reports first to make sure the person was truly in need.  I try to keep that in mind whenever anyone asks me for money and while some might consider that to be naïve’, I consider it to be an act of compassion.  In my book, compassion is always wise – whether it is deserved or not.

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A Walk Down the Mount of Olives

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