Death and Living

Someone asked me once if there was any beauty to be found in death and I was hard pressed to answer until I remembered how beautiful the dying leaves of autumn are. When we grow old and become wrinkled the media tells us that we are no longer beautiful or worthwhile and then they try to sell us something to regenerate the self-esteem that they just tried to take away. But that is all smoke and mirrors. The truth is, as we enter into the autumn of our lives we become like the breathtakingly beautiful leaves that we see on the trees in the fall. Despite the wrinkles of our skin, the beauty and wisdom of our souls come shining through in a glorious, colorful splendor. We begin to really grasp what is truly important in life, and we learn how to leave behind what is not. Yes, there is beauty in death – not always – but sometimes. And I think that the colors of fall were meant to remind us of this.


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