Sacred Sunday Every Day

There are so many things in life that we consider to be sacred, but I think that one of the most underrated symbols of sacred that there is are doors that lead to a sanctuary.  Bearing in mind that not all sanctuaries are churches and not all churches are sanctuaries, I am reminded of times when I have arrived home after a long and difficult day and the door to my home seemed to lead to the best sanctuary in the world.  Or perhaps when I have felt beaten down by life, the doors to a friends house suddenly looked just like the pearly gates of heaven.  I think that sanctuary doors are placed strategically all over the place, offering us shelter from the storms of life.  We just have to learn how to watch for them, and that’s kind of tricky because sanctuary doors don’t always look like doors; sometimes they look like roads or gates or classrooms or even people!  Sanctuaries are places of rest and renewal, of enlightenment and insight, of compassion and healing, and if that’s not sacred, then I sure don’t know what is.


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