Snow Days

Snow Day-1-12

There are few things in the Midwest that are as highly prized as a snow day.  Usually forecasters will begin tantalizing us with the possibilities a week in advance, but we are not apt to get too terribly excited until the day before when the dream actually starts taking the shape of reality.  Tension mounts as school closings are announced, and then government closings, and then finally – business closings start making their way across the screen and we know that home free.  Oh the euphoria!

Around here, snow days encompass the life of nearly everyone.  They are not like holidays where certain people have to work harder while others play – no, for the most part everything shuts down and everyone breathes a collective sigh of relief as they roll over, snug in their beds, and go back to sleep.  It is a day made for sleeping late, baking brownies, reading a book and setting aside all cares and concerns for one whole magical day.  Nothing is expected of us on a snow day, nor do we expect anything of anyone else.  Time is suspended as we enjoy a day of harmony and contentment that is about as close to peace on earth as humans have managed to get so far.  We know that all too soon the roads will be clear and we will return to our collective manifestations of the rat-race, but for one whole enchanted day, we can relax and just be.

I wish there were more snow days.  We might not make as much money, but I think people would be happier in the long run.  Knowing that periodically nothing will be expected of us, and realizing that it is fruitless to expect anything of anyone else…what a gift to humanity…a day off from our own insanity.


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