FP Butterfly 1

I am thinking that it is time for the earth to begin its awakening.  I like winter – I really do – but I think that the most sacred aspect of winter is when it has run its course and creation starts yawning and stretching for a return to life.  I love those first tender days when color begins to make tentative inquiries with the sun, asking permission  to come out of hiding so that it may once again pleasure the senses … When heady scents begin curling up out of the mists beckoning with promises of simple contentment.  I love when the birds begin their mating calls, singing to one another that it is time to begin a new cycle of life, and  I love when tender shoots poke their tiny heads out of the soil, blinking in amazement at the new found freedom.  The end of winter is when I most appreciate it because once again we are shown the promise of new beginnings.  The slate has been wiped clean and we are given a great big cosmic do-over.  Will we get it right this time I wonder, probably not…but nevertheless we are always given a new season to try again.  What if somehow we were to get it right?  Would life remain in a perpetual state of bloom and headiness?  I don’t know the answer to that, but I am grateful that we at least get to keep trying…


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