Play Day-1-70

This poor fellow really broke my heart.  He is a zoo captive and lives in a concrete jungle behind a very thick plexiglass window.  All day long he is ogled and pointed at and strangely enough he is kind of ticked off about it!  Several times he threw things at the window causing shrieks and moans from his viewers, and then laughs and more finger points.  There was nowhere for him to hide really.  No privacy for the more delicate necessities of life, and so these actions must occur for the entertainment of everyone – and entertainment it is.

I guess that’s how it works.  We look at people, or animals, or things that we don’t understand with fear, until we manage to trap them; then we stare and point and ridicule.  We use them for our entertainment, and then feel a delicious shiver when they react.

I too enjoyed observing this magnificent animal, and I was pleased to be able to capture him with my camera…but I was at the same time chagrined for taking pleasure from his captivity.  I guess there is no good answer for this dilemma, but it sure makes me think…

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