Here in the Not Yet

Bush Wildlife (4)

This is that strange time of the year when you know that spring is just around the corner because the sun is shining and the air is warm, yet the trees are still barren and the buds remain tightly bound.  The air smells like vibrant color and the birdsong sounds like heartbreaking beauty, and I am summoned to grab my camera and partake of the glory.  Yet as I look around for inspiration all I can do is sigh – the time is not right yet – preparations are still being made.  I have learned something from this strange summons to the not yet, and that is that this is the best time for my own creativity.  When nature does all the work for me I am humbled and feel myself to be greatly blessed, but sometimes the greater blessing comes when I have to dig deep inside myself to find the beauty…and this…this is when I grow as an artist – and as a human being.  Maybe that is why there are so many pauses in creation – pauses that give us the incentive to reach deep inside and become co-creators in the making of our own beauty.  All of the glory belongs to God, but sometimes, if I listen closely, I hear a tiny little voice saying “can I get a little help here?”


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