Zen and the Art of Duck Watching

Duck Day-1-18

Serving as a chaplain is one of the biggest challenges that I have ever encountered in my life. Many times I find myself just needing a place to sit down and breathe in and breathe out, and the hospital must have anticipated this need in their people because right in the middle of the complex is the most beautiful lotus pond I have ever seen. It is outdoors surrounded by all of the tall buildings, and it looks as though someone placed a gigantic concrete bowl right in the middle of everything and filled it with water which is of course what they did. There are gardens and benches, and people are always standing around the pond lost in their own thoughts or perhaps sharing their thoughts with others. A few weeks back one of the ducks had a surprise for us all, and one day produced a whole family! Now the pond is home to this lovely family, and there are even more people standing around the pond every day which might sound like “goofing off” to corporate ears, but I believe that it actually increases the quality of care when healers take a moment to heal their own spirits. It works for me anyway, and so without further ado…meet the family!


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