The Road Less Traveled


Here in Missouri it is not all that uncommon to be driving along and suddenly find yourself in the middle of something like this.  Now of course one is required to travel a bit off the beaten path in order to encounter such a surprise, but for the willing adventurer there are many hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered.  I found this last Sunday by driving down a random road in the middle of almost nowhere.  The road just goes right on down into the creek – and across – and then right back up again.  It’s best not to try and cross on a rainy day.  I guess this is why some of us prefer the “road less traveled.”  There may not be a McDonald’s nearby, but it seems like a pretty fair trade-off.  Coming across a blessing like this makes me grateful in ways that I tend to forget in my everyday life.  I am reminded that  life contains an abundance richness and beauty, and that if we are just willing to do a little seeking – suddenly there it is – right in front of us.  I try to go down every unfamiliar, unpaved hidden road that I can…and I am always rewarded somehow.


3 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled

  1. Hello Joylynn, many thanks for sharing your theological and spiritual thoughts!

    I’m a German-speaking Frenchman and never was in the united states. This picture and description make me sort of dream.
    I hope one day I’ll see such places with my own eyes.

    Greetings from continental Europe

    Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son


  2. Hello and good morning dear earth-bound misfit.
    Last night I had an unusually lucid dream in which I kept hearing the words “random facility …”. I had no idea what they meant, but half asleep I typed it in my phone on the bedside table. In the morning I could not remember and was glad to rediscover the words in my phone. Typed in at Google I found your site … very interesting and very appealing. Unfortunately, my English is not good and I need to use the Google translator. Have a nice day and best regards.
    Björn Steinhauer Talamanga


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