Eternity is Telling the Story of the Glory

Very Early Fall-1-29

Yes, it is upon us again…another turn of the season.  Once more, that crazy wild rush of color is bearing down and promising to tantalize and titillate our senses as we gorge on the smells, the flavors, the tastes, the beauty and the special spice of decay.  For those of us who mourn the passing of summer, this is indeed a remarkable gift; this glorious passage from life to death which evokes the bittersweet in us, rather than just the bitter.  Fall encapsulates both the agony and the ecstasy of life – the agony of loss and the ecstasy of hope – through a riot of color and confusion.  It is a sweet rite of passage that is renewed on a yearly basis, transitioning us through life’s phases and reassuring us that both the ebb and the flow are part of the plan.  The air becomes crisp and tangy, and without even noticing we lift our noses higher as we go about our business, seeking out small pockets of scent to soothe and reassure us as we witness the miracle of death and remember the promise of life.  Eternity is telling the story of the glory…there is no speech; there are no words, yet the voice goes out and we can’t help but listen…


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