Recognition of Recognition


Do not put yourself forward in the kings presence or stand in the place of the great; for it is better to be told, “Come up here,” than to be put lower in the presence of the noble.  Proverbs 25:6-7

In our time and place, too much emphasis is placed on recognition, and far too many products and services are offered to help us attain it.  If we are honest, isn’t that the real motivator behind most of our purchases?  If I buy this dress surely I will stand out, or this house or car… If I join this gym maybe I will finally be buff enough that everyone will admire me, or perhaps if I hire this life coach I will at last attain enough wisdom to turn heads.  On and on it goes until we can no longer distinguish between our wants and needs, and meanwhile our desire for recognition is never really satisfied.  We never achieve the level of fame that we think we deserve, and we are always left feeling empty and unfulfilled.

But when we begin to see that we are enough – with or without cheers and applause; when we begin to notice that our needs are always met when we trim away our lust for the extra fat; when we finally recognize that recognition is nothing more than a hollow promise made to stimulate the sales of worthless products, we start to experience fulfillment and happiness like never before.  We are each of us made and loved by God, and that is enough.  We are all provided for by God, more richly than we realize.  Instead of devouring our planet like a plague of locusts in the endless pursuit of more, just so the spotlight will have a better chance of finding us, let’s give thanks for who we are and what we have.


God of abundance, help me to see that I am enough just as I am, and that your love is all that really matters.


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