Carbon Fast – Day 4


Lately I have been challenging myself to see how little trash I could produce.  My goal has been only one tall trash can and one recycle bin per month.  This month I cracked the code.  Don’t buy stuff unless you have to.  If you have to, try to buy from thrift store because there is no packaging.  If you have to buy new, don’t bag it.  Finally, save what packaging you might reuse (within reason), and as the final frontier, recycle everything that qualifies.

Today I will shower, do some laundry, and cook some food which means running even more hot water.  I remember when I was in Mexico how precious water – especially hot water – was.  We lived in community and so we all did our dishes in the same pans of water; and with such a small water tank to be shared between 10 people we learned to take really short showers.  In this country we take water, hot or cold, for granted.  If for some reason it is not there, we lament and moan on Facebook and Twitter about it.  If for some reason the water line is being repaired and our water is shut off, life comes to a grinding halt.

Today I am challenged to notice things and share them with you.  For more information on the Carbon Fast, go to:


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