The People Have Spoken

Last night, or rather early this morning, I, along with the rest of the nation, watched in stunned disbelief as a candidate who is completely unqualified to lead this country rose to the top and “t…

Source: The People Have Spoken


2 thoughts on “The People Have Spoken

  1. My first thought upon reading this column was, yes, in our grief and fear we need to hear this. As I have reflected in the few days since the election, however, I find I must challenge a couple of your premises.

    First, “the people have spoken” and they did not choose Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by some 200,000 people. The electoral college chose Donald Trump, and by many accounts, that is an anachronism we should have gotten rid of long ago. The last time the electoral college instead of the people chose the president, the president so chosen took the economy into the toilet. We should not confuse the electoral college system with the will of the people.

    Second, although I completely agree that some Trump voters were solid, good people who have not been heard and deserve to be heard, I am also perfectly clear that many Trump voters are of a very different stripe. Among the ones I know are an upper middle class lawyer who has plenty of power and economic advantage and who makes himself clearly heard whenever he wants to. His disdain for poorer people is precisely what makes him a Trump voter. The many Trump voters who have and will engage in acts of aggression and violence against African Americans, women, Muslims and all of the others Trump has insulted are bigots emboldened by Trump to bring their bigotry out of the closet.

    So as we seek to move forward and to repair the damage done by this election, let us reach out to all who have been marginalized, including those working class white folks who feel they have not been heard. But let us be wise as serpents in doing it. Let us not be deceived. Politicians perfectly willing to use bigotry and hate and fear-mongering to advance their own power and give economic advantage to themselves and their wealthy friends will be working against us and they do have a following.



    • I can’t argue with anything you said. These were morning after thoughts written before the popular vote was completed. Listening all night and into the wee hours of the morning, I couldn’t help but hear the voices of family members who are tired of having every last ounce of sweat extracted from their bodies only to be railroaded by big government into giving more. They don’t want Trump so much as they don’t want more of the same. You will get no argument from me about the number of white upper-class bigots who participated in this travesty; I just feel it more important than ever to listen to everyone because not doing so is only going to increase the divide. My heart breaks for the marginalized, the oppressed, for all of us really because I believe that we can do so much better than this. Thanks for your thoughts…blessings


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