God, a Girl and a Camera


When I started this blog several years ago it was with the intent of following my own journey through seminary.  I wanted to watch myself change, but even after seminary the changes kept coming and still I kept blogging.  So now here I am, an ordained minister, still changing, still blogging, and through it all one thing always stays the same; this blog is about the journey of one human seeking God’s face in the ordinary experiences of everyday life.

At the same time I was being called into the ministry I also discovered in myself the gift of photography.  I have always loved taking photos, but as I underwent the many transformational challenges of seminary I was led to discover through photography a path for spiritual reflection and contemplation that I just cannot seem to replicate in any other way.  Photography is my self-care; it keeps me grounded, and it is my most sacred and deeply experienced expression of prayer.  As I take pictures, all of the yack yack yack in my head goes away leaving me with pure truth, beauty, wholeness and absolute clarity.  Over the course of time I have come to use my photos more and more in the ministry, and the two have become tied together in this blog.

So I guess in some ways Random Scraps of Thought is like a giant doodle pad, or maybe even an artist’s sketch book.  It is where I go to reflect, ruminate, express and share.  It might not always make total and complete sense, but hopefully it reflects the quirky, divine face of God as found in the ordinary everyday experiences of one loyal servant.  Shalom and blessings on your journey…



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